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About us

Glam Guru - every woman needs her glam guru... Someone who she can consult with and recommend her what is best for her.

In 2012, I went on a task- to establish a beauty community that would encourage smart consumerism in the world of beauty and care, that would envoke curiosity and the will to experience, that would cause happiness and joy to women of all types.

But not only that. I wanted to build a genuine heartfelt service for the Israeli girls, as they deserve,

to constitute a real alternative in cosmetics, both to cosmetics companies and consumers.

In January 2013, I launched with the help of my dear husband Amir and an amazing staff which stood behind the Glam Guru website.

How do they say, since then, the rest is...

Glam Guru provides the joy of receiving excellent service and the thrill of surprise for thousands of women in Israel, every month again and again.

"Glam Guru" offers an elegant beauty box with a variety of care products, makeup, beauty and a variety of accessories from the best of the best brands in Israel, for a personal experience.

Loved what you recieved to try out?

The online Glam Gluru cosmetics store offers thousands of makeup products, hair products, perfumes, body care, facial care and everything that is good for us, internally and externally.

Gglam Guru customers share the experience and accumulate Glam points!

After experiencing with the products, the Glam Guru website members fill out their opinions on the website for the benefit of all and accumulate points for every feedback and shopping on the website, which you can convert to purchases from Glam Guru.

A world of content

In the Glam Guru magazine, our Facebook page, or our YouTube channel, you can always stay up to date on the hottest trends in the world of beauty, sweepstakes we conduct and more.

I invite you to join me in a world full of beauty and I promise to respond with a smile and service full of love.


Shirly Rubinstein

Glam Guru

[email protected]