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Jasmin Shea Butter


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Jasmin Shea Butter

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Quick Overview

Buttery Emollient that is a powerful moisturizer.
The natural beneficial properties of Shea butter, taken directly from the fruit of the African Shea tree, protect dry and sensitive skin, nourish it and gives it moisture.


Jasmin Shea Butter

Buttery Emollient that is a powerful moisturizer.

The natural beneficial properties of Shea butter, taken directly from the fruit of the African Shea tree, protect dry and sensitive skin, nourish it and gives it moisture.

250 ml

What is Shea?!

The Shea nut grows on the Shea bush in desert climates. Shea is most common in Africa, in the country of Sudan.

The bush is about two meters high, with strong branches bearing nut clusters that are larger than human palms, with thick, green and tough rind.

Immediately while opening the Shea nut,  a pure and highly concentrated cream-colored mass emerges (hence the generic name "Shea butter").

This butter has healing powers and is great for skin care thanks to a variety of food groups that are found in it.

The butter contains vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and carbohydrates that can help everyone in stimulating the skin metabolism and cell renewal.

In the field of natural medicine and natural cosmetics, Shea butter is used as the best natural basis for the treatment, healing and care of skin.

As the awareness of natural and organic cosmetics is intensified, Shea conquers the entire western world with its magic.

Its central virtue as a "nourisher" makes it triumphant against all synthetic creams, and is considered the mother of natural cosmetics.

Pure shea butter, organic and therapeutic, designed to intensively nourish the skin and excellent for general skin problems such as treatment of burns, excessive tanning, scabs, dry elbows, feet and more.

Shea is the secret to the African women's magic- the butter is particularly rich in vitamins E,F and A and gives the skin all the essential elements it needs for perfect balance.

In a study conducted by dermatologists from France, 35 people of all types, ages, sexes and races with skin diseases such as wrinkled or dry skin, severe burns and rashes were studied.

All patients had significant healing and in some cases the healing was miraculous!

Shea butter is know for its efficiency against:

-Dry skin- pale skin, rubbed, treats skin rash, psoriasis, eczema.

-Dermatitis, cracked skin, especially rough skin like on feet and elbows.

-Wrinkles- Helps aging skin solidify, rejuvenates skin cells and cleans pores.

-Ligh skin irritations - allergies, insect bites, frostbite, sunburn, and small skin wounds.

-Scalp and dry hair - moisturizes hair and scalp, dry and sensitive hair, helps prevent dandruff, gives live to burnt hair ends.

-Shea butter protects hair from solar radiation, hair dryers, dyed and curled hair, unlike petroleum (oil) based products, and does not clog the pores of the skin and hair.

-Rheumatism and Arthritis -Penetrates deeply and warms the area as to ease painful joints and muscles.

-Sensitive skin - for toddlers and people with especially sensitive skin, Shea butter is a natural alternative. The chemical composition of Shea butter is close to vernix (a fatty substance that protects and wraps the baby at birth).

-Stretch marks - Shea is excellent for prevention and treatment of stretch marks and scars, and is also excellent for chapped nipples created as a result of breastfeeding.

-Aging- Shea butter is great for adults, helps relieve pain and ensures prolonged moisture and elasticity for the skin.

-Massaging- Shea butter oil is the ultimate oil for massage and nourishing the skin.


Additional Information

SKU JS 000083
Body Formulation Balm
Scent type Aromatic
Weight 150ml
Brand Jasmin ג'סמין
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