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שאלות ותשובות - תכנית השותפים

Does it cost me money to register to the program?!

Definately not. It's totally free to be our partner. We pay you!

How do I publish the site and how do I know that someone purchased through me?

Immediately after the confirmation from us, sent to you by e-mail, according to which you joined the partnership program, you will be given access to the "partership program" area in "my account" on the website. There you can find advertising aids we will prepare for you, tracking tools for the ads you put and money owed to you and so on.

What do I do with the "advertising aids"?

Quite simply copy the long link of the Glam Guru advertisement, for products and in general, and advertise it in your blog, YouTube, Facebook and generaly recommend the website, and anyone who will enter through the link and purchase on the website, you gain. You can do reviews about the products, recommend products and advertise every time with a new link from the "advertising aids"

How do I get paid?

Using your paypal account, or by bank transfer.

How will I know what patment I deserve and for what?

In the site in "my account" you will find in your partnership zone, where you can monitor on the leads you did which resulted in a purchase, and the amount owed to you.

When will I get paid?

By the end of the month following the time when you deserbe a payment, ask it from us by e-mail to- [email protected]

When do I deserve payment?

You get a commission of 8% of the total purchase you reffered to.

When you reach 400 ₪, you can ask us for payment/

Do I have to buy in the website to be a partner?

No. You just need to register to the partnership program and the website.

Will I get from Glam Guru samples or products for being a partner?

No. From time to time the site will hold contests among its partners, where you can win prizes, but in general, for being a partner you do not get samples or products.

Can I make orders from my account for my friends, and get that commission?

No. Purchases are eligible for payment for, must be made through the link you sent and we gave you. You can not make purchases from your referrals to you yourself, only those new friends that came through you..